Sustainability: Modern Luxury

Sustainable luxury and ethical fashionthe “new normal” just like organic produce and yoga classes. 

Sustainably made luxury goods reflect the importance of choice. Style and ethical business practices can coexist. It is important for producer and consumer alike to be mindful of our environment and make responsible decisions. 

The whole conversation about Sustainability can be quite overwhelming and broad, we figured it would be helpful to outline what's most important to us. 

  • Transparency in overall supply chain and traceability across different stages of production. 

  • Reduction of carbon footprint through a more efficient use of water, energy and chemicals.

  • Fair wages, respectful working conditions that adhere to universal human rights. 

  • Alternative sustainable, low-impact raw materials

  • Innovation integration through technologies that can improve the supply chain, materials etc 

  • Creating a circular fashion system that minimizes the amount of clothes ending up in landfill. #upcycling